NFL Predictions – Part 1

That time of the year has come. Tomorrow the NFL season kicks off, and I would like to provide you with my predictions for this upcoming NFL season. You may recall, last year I didn’t even have the New York Giants making the playoffs, and had the “Dream Team” Eagles going deep. Let’s see if I can do any better this year.

AFC East – Tom Brady is the man! Some may compare him to Lebron or Kobe, someone who simply dominates the game. With all the offensive tools he has including new fan-favorite Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots will likely make a big splash this year. The Jets, though not scoring much this offseason, has the defense to still win games, and with Tebow-mania headed to the Big Apple, you never know what type of offenses Rex Ryan will throw in the field.

AFC North – This is looking like it may be another Steelers/Ravens rivalry headlining this division, but my vote would go to Baltimore on this. Flacco has really come into his own, and with Ray Rice behind him, the defenses are stacking the box leaving him plenty of open space to throw to. Their strong defense led by Ray Lewis will again lead them to the playoffs. The Steelers will likely be in the hunt as Big Ben Roethlisberger never goes down without a fight, and look for this year’s sleeper to be the Cincinnati Bengals with tons of young talent.

AFC West – Possibly the weakest division in football, I would say none of these teams make the playoffs except one of them has to. If not for Peyton Manning joining the Broncos, I would say the spot would go to whichever team stays healthiest longest. Assuming he comes back at around 80% of what he once was in Indy, the Broncos should take the division easily, though the Chargers could surge if players like Rivers and Gates can produce up to their potential.

AFC South – Will this be the return for Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans? With a new quarterback behind the helm and a healthy CJ, The Titans may just have a competing team this year. Still, though, I will stick to the same pick I had last year, and go with the Houston Texans to take the South, and possibly a bye into week 1 of the playoffs. So many offensive weapons and a defense that should be ranked top 3, expect Schaub, Foster and Johnson to put up huge offensive numbers and bring Texas back on map for football (sorry, Cowboys fans).

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