Monthly Archives: October 2011

NCAA Shuffle

Realignment. A word that has been looked down upon around the NCAA. But there is no cause for alarm; this buzz word is taking shape and changing the landscape of the NCAA along with it. The NCAA conference overhaul blew up last year when the Big 10 lit up the proverbial powder keg by adding Nebraska to their roster. Then the Pac 10 became the Pac 12 after the University of Colorado and University of Utah joined. . .the Big 10 now has 12 teams. . .has your brain melted yet?

Additional conferences such as the Mountain West Conference and the Big 12 lost members. The Big East has two big defects with Pitt and Syracuse bowing out. As the list goes on and the realignment continues, experts are interpreting these moves as both good and bad. Some sideline gurus are applauding smaller conferences like the Big 10 and Pac 12 for adding teams in order to compete with bigger conferences and forge new rivalries while naysayers see these moves as moneymaking power plays with new contenders grappling for the national spotlight. Whatever the case is, realignment is good for college sports. Why not mix it up the status quo? Everybody loves a good rivalry, students will be able to smack talk new adversaries and the current game of NCAA conference musical chairs is only adding to the drama that is college sports.

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